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  • SmartLIS 1

    A Laboratory Information System receives and stores requests for tests, and results are entered by laboratory technicians or directly from laboratory instruments

  • SmartLIS 2

    We offer software and services to make your laboratory and daily work more efficient & effective. No matter what type of laboratory: independent, specialized, clinical, hospital, research, veterinary, etc

  • SmartLIS 3

    Benefit from smart, configurable parameter-based sample routing directing samples to the correct next step in your workflow

  • SmartLIS 4

    Reduce Turnaround Time Streamline complex, precise, multi-step lab processes

  • SmartLIS 5

    Enable Interoperability Connect with clinical LISs, EHRs, instruments, and middleware

  • SmartLIS 6

    Manage Resources Track samples, reagents, instruments, and inventory


WorldMedic SmartLIS Software